Welcome to the Friends of the Penzance Jewish Cemetery

Penzance Jewish Cemetery c.2013

The Friends of the Penzance Jewish Cemetery is charitable organisation formed in 2014 to better protect and interpret this historic Jewish burial site in Penzance, one of the most westerly sacred Jewish sites in Europe. By joining the Friends of the Penzance Jewish Cemetery, you can help preserve this important monument for generations of people in the future to learn about and appreciate. Membership is £10 for individuals, or £15 for families living at the same address, collected annually on 6 April. For those joining mid-year after 6 October, only half the membership is charged. Visit the Join Us page to download the application form.



The Penzance Jewish Cemetery: A Concise History and Guide

This concise history and guide of the Penzance Jewish Cemetery by Keith Pearce tells the story of this sacred site and of some of the people who are buried there.

The Jews of Cornwall by Keith Pearce

The Jews of Cornwall - A History: Tradition and Settlement to 1913 by Keith Pearce, published by Halsgrove 2014.