Progress Report

Having been delayed for two weeks, work began on 27 April to repair the walls inside the cemetery. The first major task has been the removal of the old cement rendering on the inside of the walls which has been completed in the bet Tohorah and the walls at the front of the cemetery. Regular photographs will be taken and posted on the Gallery page as the work progresses.
17 May: in the last week considerable progress has been made in the preparation of the walls. The whole length of the right hand (interior) wall, and two thrids of the left wall have had their old rendering excavated. From the top of the walls, excess vegetative growth has been removed. The back interior wall is yet to be tackled (but this will necessitate the removal of headstones, which will need to be placed against another wall). In addition, the whole of the rear interior wall and part of the exterior corner have had all rendering removed.
 30 June: Over the past 6 weeks, there has been considerable progress made by Leo Penaluna and his small team. Both interior walls, right and left, have been rendered to the back wall, and work is just beginning to render the outside walls.